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Sedona Red Rock Spires Sedona is a blessed land, and we will help you to deepen the love you hold for the wonders of this land through various services such as intuitive reading, deep energy healing and much more!

You will gain profound insights about making a true connection with your heart and nature.

If you need a dream, or if you need to rediscover a dream you’ve lost, come here to Sedona.

The essence of the message that Sedona has conveyed to Ilchi Lee, who inspired Sedona Story to exist, is that inside each one of us, there is a much greater and more beautiful truth and dream than the ordinary ones we know. And not only that, but we already have everything we need to achieve them.

Through packaged retreats that we offer, we hope you realize that you have always been great and that you will gain a fresh inspiration and a dream that will infuse vitality into your life.

We can guarantee that you will walk away as a better person, no matter what your current condition maybe. I hope you can take part in the beautiful dream that Sedona gives through its profound connection with the earth.


Thank you for sharing your gifts & guidance to help me on my journey. I hope our paths cross again. Peace & Blessings

Loretta Young Heidom Las Vegas NV, Aug. 10 , 2013
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Banya’s April Webinar – Difficult Relationships

Banya’s free webinar in April was about difficult relationships.

This short video of Banya can give you a very simple but easily applicable tool for you to resolve your difficult relationships.


For those who missed this live chance, you can watch it on this blog post!

Read More

Monthly Free Webinars with Banya

Sedona-Story | Free Monthly Webinars

Banya will be offering a free webinar once a month starting in March, 2014. She will be talking about various topics including spirituality, health, energy, life, and much more.

If you have certain topics that you want Banya to talk about during webinars, please send a link to with topics you want Banya to talk about. You will be able to find the upcoming dates for the webinar in our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and e-newsletter as well.

Hope to see many of you through our webinars!

Video Tip : Recharge with Chakra Color Visualization

This video tip is a simple and effective visualization meditation to recharge your chakras.

Exercise that is introduced in this video uses the acupressure points in your fingertips as entry points to attract energy from your surroundings and direct it into your body.

Chakras are energy centers in your body and they work like batteries. Read More

Testimonial Video

Watch this testimonial video where one of Banya’s client is talking about her miraculous story of healing through sessions with Banya. It contains her story about how her body was healed with amazing speed and accuracy. You can make this story to be yours!

Do not hesitate any longer and book your session with Banya to change and have more positive outlook on life. Take your healthy body, mind, energy, and spirit back through transformational sessions with Banya today!

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