2 Ways to Receive the Energy of Bell Rock

As many of you know, Sedona is well known for its vortexes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that entire Sedona is a vortex, for anyone who visits Sedona feel something different about the whole town energetically.

There are 4 major vortexes that most tourists do not miss to visit. They are Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Bell Rock. Of all of these, Bell Rock has the most unique and strongest energy.

To receive the energy of Bell Rock more fully, there are few things you can do when you visit Bell Rock. One way is to climb Bell Rock. If you are strong enough and have a good guide to help you go up top, try the climb all the way up to the top. However, do not challenge yourself since this climb can be dangerous.

Another way is to walk on the trails of Bell Rock. When you walk, position your both hands comfortably next to your body and face your palms to the ground. And as you walk, focus on your palms. Through this position, you can receive the strong earth energy from the ground.

When you visit Bell Rock next time, make sure to try one of these methods. You will be able to feel and receive the powerful vortex energy of Bell Rock!

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