Healthy Third Chakra Gives You Creativity

Location of the 3rd chakra is your solar plexus, center point right below your chest.

And usually, 3rd chakra is represented with color orange or yellow.

Third Chakra governs one of the most important human potential, creativity.

This creativity doesn’t necessarily mean creative in art or design, but one can be creative in their business, communication, studying, and all possible ways.

All of us carry this creativity innately and some people bring it out more than others.

If you believe in your innate potential, anyone can utilize this amazing power.

And important thing about creativity is that it stems from your will.

Only when you have a strong will and motivated in anything that you do, you can truly bring out and utilize your innate potential of infinite creativity.

If you feel that you are not a creative person, take time to reflect on yourself closely.

Do I have strong will to be happy, healthy, and be successful in something that I do? Do I feel energized everyday as I go about my work?

This can be a start to knowing the condition of your third chakra.

Stay in tune for next blog to find out more about your 3rd chakra!