How Can I Feel Energy?

Have you felt energy? Do you know how and what you are supposed to feel when you feel energy?

If you have not felt energy before, take just 3 minutes of your time and follow the instructions below.

First, have a sit comfortably in a quiet place.

Then, straighten up your spine and close your eyes comfortably. And breathing should be natural and comfortable. One you feel your body at ease, lift up your both hands at about your chest height and make 2 palms to face each other and leave about 2 inches between your 2 palms.

And focus on your both palms.

First, focus on your palms, then feel the empty space between your two palms.

By now, your thinking has become quiet and you will start to feel something between your palms.

You might feel tingling sensation, electrical sensation, warmth, or magnetic sensation as if something is pulling and pushing.

That is the feeling of energy.

Easy, right?

This is the beginning of feeling energy. As you practice more times, your awareness to energy will increase and you will be able to feel energy more strongly.