How to Activate Your Third Chakra

Third chakra governs your creativity and ultimately your will, which give you the power to be creative.

Then next question would be, how can I be or what make me to have will in anything that I do.

When you do something that you truly love, this will bring you willingness, motivation to do well.

How can you find what you love? You need a thorough and deep self-reflection of yourself.

What makes me really happy, healthy, and peaceful? What makes me to look forward to a new day that is coming to me?

When you have an answer to the two questions above, then you are in a pretty good condition to say ‘I have have a strong will power.’

When you do something that you really love, naturally, all of your energy concentrates in that thing you love. And because all your energy is focused, you are more likely to be successful in it.

And when you do things successfully, you feel satisfied and happy, which makes you to be willing to do another thing.

Repetition of this cycle makes you to have stronger will power and more creativity.

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