How to Keep Your 2nd Chakra Healthy and Strong

In a blog before, we talked about chakras, what they are and what they do.

We learned that there are 7 chakras and 1st charka(root charka) is important for the physical health of your body.

In this blog, we will talk about 2nd Chakra.

According to Ilchi Lee, he says it is a “I Feel..” Chakra.

Although there are 7 chakras, there are 3 chakras that are stronger and give the centeredness in your body. The first of that 3 is the 2nd chakra. This is the center, core of your body. If you can awaken the true energy, strength of the 2nd chakra, you can keep your physical health very strong without any diseases.

In ancient medicine, they say keep and maintaining the condition of your body as ‘cool head, and warm lower abdomen’ is the way to keep your body healthy. 2nd chakra is that lower abdomen.

Banya can help you understand more deeply about the energy and the condition of your 2nd chakra through her acupuncture session.

Through strengthening exercises, you can awaken the energy in your 2nd Chakra. As you exercise, you will start to create heat in your belly. This is the beginning of the condition, ‘cool head, and warm abdomen’ Simple exercises such as sit-ups can be a easy start!

Create that fire in your belly!