I am stressed. What should I do?

The current world around us drives us crazy everyday with so many things.

We have many things that we must be worried about.

My job, family, friends, spouse, children, parents, business partners, what to eat every day, where to go for vacation… the list continues on endlessly. It’s hard to find a time when you are not worrying about anything.

But does ‘worrying’ solve your problems? Most of the times, the answer is ‘No’.

Most of the times, it’s much better and helps to solve your problem when you are not worrying about it. Rather than worrying, not thinking about it, or getting your mind off of it helps to solve your problem much easily.

But how can you let you mind be off of your problems?

Ilchi lee suggests an amazingly simple exercise, Magnet Meditation. All you need is a quiet place and 2 magnets. In the video below, you can find how easy, simple, and effective Magnet Meditation is. All you need is 5 minutes.