More Ways to Awaken Your 2nd Chakra

There are 7 chakras in your body and 3 of the 7 chakras have more energy concentrated than other chakras.

They are 2nd, 4th, and 6th chakras.

And 2nd chakra plays a very important role since 2nd chakra is the core energy center of your body, where all your physical energy stems from.

There are many ways to awaken that core energy in your 2nd chakra.

One of the most effective and fastest way to awaken that energy is through tapping.

Since the power that you want to awaken in the 2nd chakra is contained inside of the body as energy, you need lots of concentration and effort to awaken that energy.

And the best way to bring attention to any part of your body is by giving stimulation or slight pain, in our case, we will use tapping.

Make a slight fist or open your palms and start to tap your lower abdomen rhythmically. In the beginning you might feel very awkward doing this posture, but as you continue, you will start to catch on to your own rhythm of your body.

Important point here is to focus your mind together, do not just go through the motion of tapping.

And if it helps, you may close your eyes and tap your lower abdomen. And if you feel tired or stuffy inside of your body, breath out.

Continue tapping for at least 5 minutes.

If you did it with good concentration you might feel buzzing, warmth, and/or fullness in your lower abdomen. And you will feel more motivated and awake to do anything that you are about to do.

Take 5 minutes now and try this exercise and awaken your 2nd chakra!