Open Your Heart Chakra

Sedona Story |Open-Your-Heart-Chakra

When the fourth chakra is healthy, you will feel balanced energy at heart.

You will feel comfortable about yourself and others, letting you to be more generous towards your surrounding.

Key to maintaining the healthy condition of the heart is positivity.

However, it is almost impossible to always keep your heart in the most optimal state.

There are several ways to recover the heart condition when you feel that your heart energy is out of balance.

One of the symptoms that you might feel when your heart energy is not balanced is the feeling of stuffiness in your chest.

At this time, if you can be in a space where no one is around, you can scream out as loud as you can.

This might sound silly at first, but give it a try and you will be amazed at how lighter you will feel!

And when you are feeling weak at your heart, here is a great but simple meditation that you can do to recover the strength in your heart.

Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes comfortably.

And say yo yourself the following phrases,

“I am becoming stronger and stronger. I am filled with the power to melt away sadness, loneliness, and hatred, in the powerful gentle strength of the golden light. My heart radiates golden energy to the whole world.”

As you say it, feel your heart and try to mean every word. You will get a certain feeling in your heart.

Crystal that is good for heart chakra is Rose Quartz.

And as always, you can learn more about chakras and how your chakra condition is through Banya’s powerful Chakra Healing session.