Start your Spiritual Journey with us!

How are you planning on spending your summer? If you have not made a good plan yet, we’d like to recommend for you to come visit Sedona! Sedona is a place where you can recover your inner strength and grow your spirituality. But in many cases, although you really want to make this happen, you are just not sure where you can start.

Sedona Story | Store Front EntranceHere is a great news! At Sedona Story, a spiritual leader Banya will be able to guide you on your own spiritual journey to Sedona to recover your spirituality! She spent about 9 years in Sedona and has depth knowledge and experience with energy in Sedona. With this background and her ability to intuitively read your condition, she will be a perfect guide on your journey in Sedona.

We are located at 207A State Route 89A in Uptown Sedona where all tourists gather. We very much look forward for you visit to our store. Please allow us to help you to make your experience in Sedona, most special.