Banya’s free webinar in April was about difficult relationships.

This short video of Banya can give you a very simple but easily applicable tool for you to resolve your difficult relationships.


For those who missed this live chance, you can watch it on this blog post!

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sedona story | spiritual acupuncture group workshop april

In April, Banya is visiting New Jersey.

She will be giving a special group workshop called ‘Spiritual Acupuncture’ in a holistic fitness center CGI Closter in New Jersey.

Workshop Name : Spiritual Acupuncture
Location : CGI Closter
Address : 111 Homans Ave Closter, NJ 07624
Phone number : 201-784-1300
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This video tip is a simple and effective visualization meditation to recharge your chakras.

Exercise that is introduced in this video uses the acupressure points in your fingertips as entry points to attract energy from your surroundings and direct it into your body.

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Banya’s 2nd Webinar of 2014 was held on March 11th Tuesday.

She talked about Mother Earth Gaia and led short meditation to connect with her energy.

Just take few minutes to connect with Banya and to your origin.

For those who missed this live chance, you can watch it on this blog post!

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Here is a 5 minute video on Power Pose that is simple and easy.

Just take 5 minutes few times throughout the day to recharge yourself of energy and motivation for anything you do.

This relaxing posture will help you reduce stress, increase confidence, strengthen the body and loosen up all tensions in your muscles. Continue Reading

Sedona Story | March Webinar Mago Gaia Meditation

Free Live Webinar by Banya in March will be on March 11th Tuesday 7PM MST.

During this 2nd webinar of this year, Banya will talk about topic, “The Story of Mago Gaia and Mago Gaia Meditation”.

She will share about the story of Mother Earth, Mago Gaia.

Date : March. 11th Tuesday 7PM MST
How to join : CLICK HERE!
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The seventh chakra is the energy center that helps to complete integration of the body, mind and soul.

Health seventh chakra can help you connect to heaven’s energy directly. If it is closed, you may feel the disconnection with heaven’s energy and you may feel that whatever you intend may not seem to be manifesting.

Through simple exercises given through the video, you can start to open up the connection with heaven.
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Banya’s 1st webinar took place on Feb. 18th Tuesday at 7PM MST.

She talked about the topic, “What it means to be an Intuitive?”

It was short, but it was a great beginning to opening a way for Banya to start connecting with everybody she has met in the past, or even people who have never met Banya.

For those who missed this chance, you can watch it on this blog post!

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Sedona Story | February Webinar : What it means to be an Intuitive

On February 18th Tuesday 7PM (AZ Time), Banya will be offering a Live Online Webinar for FREE!

She will be talking about the topic, “What it means to be an Intuitive?”.

If you have met Banya, you know how gently powerful she is and her intuitive abilities. She will be sharing this more at a personal level, so it will be a great chance for you to get to know her at a personal level. Continue Reading

Tap into Your Intuition

The sixth chakra, or Third Eye Chakra, collects and elevates energy from your lower five chakras. An underactive sixth chakra can lead to headaches, cynicism and trouble concentrating. Open your Third Eye Chakra to tap into your intuition and better manifest your desires.

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