Online Class

Stay connected to Sedona through Banya’s Online Class

Online Class is a great way to keep connecting with Banya.

Everyone who visits Sedona makes special connection with Sedona that is unique to their own.

But once you get back home, it almost feels like what you experienced in Sedona is a dream.

Meeting Banya online through her weekly online class can help you stay connected to the red rock energy and spiritual awakening you gained in Sedona. Also, it can help you continue your connection with energy and your personal growth in your own place.

Here is a sample video.
– Video below is a free webinar that Banya did in March.

There are 2 ways you can meet Banya online.

  • Free Monthly Webinar
  • Weekly Online Class

–Free Monthly Webinar–

Sedona-Story | Free Monthly WebinarsEvery 2nd Tuesday of the month, Banya will give a free lecture or guided meditation on various topics of energy, soul and spirituality. This is a LIVE webinar and after her part, you can ask her a question or leave a comment so that Banya can respond to you right away.

DATE : Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month


–Weekly Online Class–

Sedona Story | Weekly Online ClassEvery Wednesday of the week, Banya will give a 45 minutes class that composes lecture, exercise, meditation and more. You will get to learn about energy principles that you can utilize and apply in your everyday life to feel more balance in your life and relationships.

Through regular meeting with Banya, you will gain deeper connection with yourself and hope of growing your awakening that you obtained in Sedona so that you can start creating things you really wanted in life.

DATE : Will Update Soon

TIME : Will Update Soon

–How to Register for Online Class–