Sedona Healing Retreat

Experience Transformation in just 3 days in Sedona!

Spiritual Retreats adjusted at your most convenient schedule.

Sedona is well known for its strong vortex energy and spiritual energy that mystical red rocks carry. This aspect of Sedona opens the door for spiritual awakening and realizations that lead to permanent changes in every visitor in Sedona.

Sedona is always ready to give you life-changing messages that will guide you to manifest the greatest dreams in your life. But it is totally up to you to open your ears for that precious message.

Sedona Healing Retreats at Sedona Story will help you open your mind widely to receive all of the beautiful messages of Sedona that can change your life forever.

Depending on where you are standing life, you may need different guidance and help. You may need to recover your self to your normal condition, strengthen your goal or direction in life, or need to take a next step and actualize your wishes in your reality.

Below are 3 retreat programs you can choose to get the most of Sedona.

Healing Body & Soul Retreat

SPIRITUAL RETREAT – Heal Your Body & Soul

Heal Your Body & Soul Retreat

The Heal Your Body & Soul retreat will free you from those memories that are dragging you down in moving forward in life through deep healing of your body and energy, by awakening your soul, which is and always has been and always will stay pure and strong. 

Find Your Purpose Retreat


Find Your Purpose Retreat

The Find Your Purpose retreat will give you clarification, strength, motivation, inspiration, and confidence about yourself to move forward in your life towards your goal boldly and courageously. 

Manifest Your Dreams Retreat

SPIRITUAL RETREAT – Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams Retreat

The Manifest Your Dreams retreat will fill yourself with powerful vortex energy of Sedona and give you practical, but simple tools that you can apply in everyday life to actualize your dream.