Find Your Purpose

3 or 4-Day Sedona Healing Retreat

  • Want to feel true and everlasting happiness?
  • Not sure if you are heading towards the right direction?
  • Don’t want to waste anymore time searching for what you really want?
  • Want to find more meaning and value to your life?

If your answer is “yes” to any one of the questions above, “Find Your Purpose” retreat can help you!

Have you ever had an experience of using all your energy, 100%? Most of us are not fully aware of how much energy and passion that we carry. Then what can be blocking you to use your energy 100% or possibly more than 100%?

We will help you awaken to your innate potential and life’s purpose that will allow your passion for life to be fully manifested. By realizing your life’s direction, your life will be more abundant and full of joy and happiness.

We believe that you have a bigger reason for your existence on this Earth at this crucial time? We think so! Let us help you discover and bloom your true value and what you are really capable of.

Find Your Purpose Retreat will give you clarification, strength, motivation, inspiration, and confidence about yourself to move forward in your life towards your goal boldly and courageously.

FIND YOUR PURPOSE Itinerary (3 or 4-day Retreat)

  1. Spiritual Reading & Energy Healing

    – Get to know your spiritual and energy condition. Based on your condition, Banya will give you energy healing to recover your energy balance.

  2. Energy Opening Training

    – You will be guided through meridian opening exercises to circulate energy in the body and wake up energy senses innate in you.

  3. Private Guided Meditation – choose one below

    1. Breathing Meditation

      – Experience the deep relaxation of mind, body, and energy through various meditative breathing postures.

    2. Ki-Gong Meditation

      – Gentle movements following ki energy will guide you to an awaken meditative state.

  4. Private Healing – choose one below

    1. Chakra Healing

      – Open, activate, and heal your 7 chakras and recover your energy balance.

    2. Life Particle Energy Healing

      – Receive most original source of life, life particles, to regain your energy balance, health, and clarity.

Price (Single) : $1,000 / Price (Couple) : $1,800

*** Please call 928-282-3875 and ask how we can help you create your unique Sedona Story!