Manifest Your Dream

5 or 6-Day Sedona Healing Retreat

  • Want to strengthen your will and mind for your goal?
  • Need help in actualizing your goals and dreams?
  • Not sure and lack confidence about your life’s goal?
  • Need deep insight, wisdom, and guidance to manifesting your dream?

If your answer is “yes” to any one of the questions above, the “Manifest Your Dream” Retreat can help you!

What was your dream when you were a child? To become a fire fighter? To be an artist or musician? or, to be a president? If you had such grand dreams, why? Wasn’t it because you wanted to make this world a healthier, happier and more peaceful place to live? Have you achieved your dream? Whether you have achieved your dream or not, do you still remember that most pure intention that you had when you were young?

In order to make your dream come true, you must stay consistent to your goals and action that will help you get there. But we lose our dream as we live. Certain situations come up in life that makes your dream to fade away.

So what is different about you when you are young and now?

Sedona Story | Manifest Your Dreams True happiness comes when you actualize that things you want deeply in your heart. ‘Manifest Your Dream’ retreat will help you dig out that most pure dream that you had and help you manifest it so that you can live your life to the fullest.

When you do something that you are truly happy about, your most inner strength, power that will let you create anything you want, will be brought forth.

Not only will it revive your purest spirit, but the retreat will also provide you powerful, simple, and practical ways that will guide your dream to be manifested.

Manifest Your Dream Retreat will fill yourself with powerful vortex energy of Sedona and give you practical, but simple tools that you can use in everyday life to actualize your dream.

MANIFEST YOUR DREAM Itinerary (5 or 6-Day Retreat)

  1. Spiritual Reading & Energy Healing

    – Get to know your spiritual and energy condition. Based on your condition, Banya will give you energy healing to recover your energy balance.

  2. Energy Opening Training

    – With open heart, accept the beauty and preciousness of life by meeting with nature and seeing its vastness.

  3. Private Guided Meditation – choose one below

    1. Breathing Meditation

      – Experience the deep relaxation of mind, body, and energy through various meditative breathing postures.

    2. Ki-Gong Meditation

      – Gentle movements following ki energy will guide you to an awaken meditative state.

  4. Vortex Hike & Guided Meditation

    – Feel and absorb Sedona’s vortex energy through guided meditation.

  5. Wooden Pillow Self Healing

    – Learn easy and effective self healing techniques using wooden pillow. You will experience immediate effect of this self healing in your spine, neck, and back.

  6. Private Healing

    1. Chakra Healing

      – Open, activate, and heal your 7 chakras and recover your energy balance.

    2. Life Particle Energy Healing

      – Receive most original source of life, life particles, to regain your energy balance, health, and clarity.

Price : $1,600 / Price (Couple) : $2,995

***Please call 928-282-3875 and ask how we can help you create your unique Sedona Story!