Special Retreats

Crystal Palace – Visit & Guided Meditation

Experience the most indescribably mysterious and sacred energy in sedona.

Sedona Story | Crystal Palace Special TrainingThe purest energy formation of the Earth essence is manifested as crystals. Because some crystals grow for hundreds and some for thousands of years, they carry the deepest and most profound wisdom of life. And since crystals grow from the Earth, connecting with crystals will let you connect to the essential energy of this Earth.

Crystals in the Crystal Palace are not only rare and unique but they all carry indescribably mysterious and powerful energy that is unique to each crystal. The Crystal Palace represents and helps us connect to the heart of the Earth.

Do not miss this once in a life time opportunity to be surrounded by the most pure form of life.
It will bring you back to who you truly are.

Of many crystals in the Crystal Palace, Aquamarine Crystal that is placed in the very center of the room is something you will never find or see anywhere. It has grown within the earth crust for thousands of years. It is known and called as the Soul of Mago, Mother Earth.

Watch this video to learn more about Aquamarine Crystal, Soul of the Mago.

Who should visit Crystal Palace

Those who truly wish to know oneself and find the vision in life.

What you will experience at the Crystal Palace

  • Opening of energy channels within your body and optimal state of wellbeing.
  • Transported to the energetic and spiritual realm of the Earth.
  • Expansion of consciousness and the oneness with the Universe.
  • Guided and connect to Mother Earth and receive the messages it has for you.
  • Bring brightness to help see your life’s path and mission.

Length of Visit & Guided Meditation

Approximately 2.5 ~ 3 hours


$1,000 per person

DahnGun Buddha Guided Meditation & Training

Training to heighten your consciousness to reach and manifest your highest potential

Sedona Story | DahnGun Buddha Special TrainingThis training is based on a sacred and precious painting called, DahnGun-Buddha. The painting depicts different levels of consciousness that exist for human beings and the ultimate level of consciousness that we should strive for.

This unique meditation training that utilizes this scared painting was created to understand one’s consciousness and reach one’s highest spiritual level through the immense energy that painting carries.

Let your spirit experience the ultimate inspiration, which is freedom.

This is the completion of the soul.

Who should do DahnGun Buddha Training

Those who seek for higher value and wish to reach one’s ultimate reason for existence.

What you will experience through meditation

  • Guided to purify your emotion, thoughts, memories that are affecting your life negatively.
  • Sensitize your most sensitive energy sense to feel and expand energy within and around your body.
  • Meet with your highest being that have always existed inside of you.

Length of Visit & Guided Meditation

Approximately 2.5 ~ 3 hours


$1,000 per person