Meet our Spiritual Guide and Healer, Banya Lim

All of the readings, healing, and acupuncture are done by Banya Lim, who is the spiritual guide, reader, and healer at Sedona Story.

Many people who meet Banya are amazed by her spiritual insight, energetic power, and warmth that she delivers to everyone she meets.

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Banya Lim | Spiritual Reader, Healer, Acupuncturist

Who is Banya Lim?

Banya Lim is an intuitive and gifted healer, born with the natural power of healing energy. As a 4th generation intuitive and healer, she grew up learning from a young age how to develop her abilities into the skills to understand and heal not only the physical body but all lives, relationships and futures.

Her healing power takes her to cellular levels in people’s cell memories, reading intuitively where people need to heal the past in order to have a balanced, happy, and healthy future.

Banya’s incredible energy and passion has managed to make miracles happen for so many people through her powerful healing and ever-present love.

All who come to her for healing leave with great respect for this powerhouse whose hands have a touch which brings such peace and kindness, they find the freedom from their burden of pain and emotional troubles.

Meet Banya for Spiritual Reading, Energy Healing, or Spiritual Acupucnture.

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Sedona Story | Spiritual Reading

Sedona Story | Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Reading

Spiritual intuitive guide and healer, Banya, will help you discover and confirm your choices. Her exceptional intuitive sense will guide your life in the right direction.

Sedona Story | Energy Healing

Sedona Story | Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Warm and embracing energy healing by Banya will let you be free from all the negative energy that is dragging you down and forbidding you to move forward. She will kindly guide you to recover your energy balance.

Sedona Story | Healing Massage

Sedona Story | Healing Massage

Healing Massage

Receive most healing and relaxing massage at our beautifully calming and peaceful massage facility. Choose from relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology and more!

Sedona Story | Spiritual Acupuncture

Sedona Story | Spiritual Acupuncture

Spiritual Acupuncture

Spiritual Acupuncture is a powerful session that is a combination of intuitive reading and acupuncture. It will help your body to recover its essential health by opening blocked areas within meridian channels.