Energy Healing

Activate & Recover Your Energy Balance Through Powerful Healing

Experience profoundly deep energy healing by Banya.

Energy Healing Sessions

  • Do you feel that your energy is out of balanced?
  • Having difficult to be free from painful memories?
  • Do you feel that your emotional baggage is causing your physical problems?
  • Warm and embracing energy healing by Banya will let you be free from all the negative energy that is dragging you down and forbidding you to move forward.

    Even if you don’t have any knowledge about energy, don’t worry.

    Banya will kindly guide you to feel energy and help you restore energy balance and heal your mind and energy deeply.

    You can experience two types of Energy Healing at Sedona Story.

    Life Particle Energy Healing

    Price : $75 (30 Min) / $150 (1 Hr)

    LifeParticles is a concept of energy and represents the most essential form of life and our being. LifeParticles are matter, energy, and consciousness combined and we are all made up of these tiny elementary particle. Life Particles are perfect form of energy that never loses its balance and purity. As we live, however, we lose our natural energy balance due to various experiences and memories that are sometimes negative and harmful. In such cases, receiving LifeParticles can help you recover your energy, emotional, and spiritual balance. LifeParticles energy healer at Sedona Story are thoroughly trained on LifeParticles meditation and deliver this most pure form of energy to you gently but powerfully.

    Crystal & Chakra Healing

    Price : $75 (30 Min) / $150 (1 Hr)

    Chakras are energy centers in your body and there are 7 chakras in your body. Each chakra is associated with physical areas in the body and specific issues you have experienced in your life. When all 7 chakras are healthy and in balance you are healthy physically, energetically, and spiritually.However, when you feel heavy, stagnant, uncomfortable, or sick, it is highly likely that there are blockages or weaknesses in your energy centers.Through chakra/crystal energy healing, you will recover your energy balance and healthy condition of your chakras.