Healing Massage

True Healing begins with relaxing your body!

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Sedona more fully by relaxing your body through Sedona Massages at Sedona Story.

Sedona Story | Healing Massage Services in Sedona, AZ

All of our friendly massage therapists are local therapists who are very familiar with the Sedona. Your mind will be at ease and they will help you relax deeply with their sincere touch throughout the massage.

Massage at Sedona Story can be a great beginning of your trip in Sedona to let go of all your stress back home and work.

Chair massage are also available if you drop by anytime.

There are four types of massages at Sedona Story.


Price : $60 (30 Min) / $100 (1 Hr)

Reflexology is a massage on your feet. Certain point on your foot correspond to a certain part or organ in your body. By applying pressure on your feet, it can relieve pain, help with better the circulation, and restore natural function in your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Price : $75 (30 Min) / $135 (1 Hr)

During the hot stone massage, massage therapist will place hot/warm stones over the body to keep the body at a warm temperature and apply massage at other parts of the body. The heat that hot stone radiate will help loosen up the muscles and tension that your body is holding and you will feel much more lighter and deeply relaxed

Deep Tissue Massage

Price : $75 (30 Min) / $135 (1 Hr)

Realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue to relieve pain in contracted or tense areas in your body. Release the tensions in your neck, shoulders, back and more! Feel deep relaxation of your body.

Eastern Traditional Meridian Massage

Price : $60 (30 Min) / $100 (1 Hr)

Meridians are channels within our body where our energy flows. Eastern Traditional Meridian Massage will open up energy blockages in your body for your smooth energy flow and let you feel relaxed both physically and energetically.