Spiritual Readings

Most Accurate, Insightful, & Profoundly Wise Spiritual Readings

  • Confused on your next step in life?
  • Need to confirm your current life direction?
  • Want to know your energetic and spiritual condition?
  • Spiritual Readings with Banya Lim Meet with Banya, spiritual intuitive guide and healer at Sedona Story to discover and confirm your choices through spiritual reading.

    You will be amazed and empowered by Banya’s exceptional intuitive sense to guide your life in the right direction.

    During her 10 years of energy practice and spiritual connection in Sedona, messages you will receive from Banya during the reading will come from the most original and sacred energy of the red rocks of Sedona.

    During the reading session with Banya, you may ask any questions from relationships, work, family, to pretty much anything!

    Extremely calm and peaceful but extraordinarily accurate reading of Banya will blow your mind and give you new bright eyes to see your life in much more positive direction.

    You can experience four types of Spiritual Readings at Sedona Story.

    Spiritual Intuitive Reading

    Price : $100 (30 Min) / $200 (1 Hr)

    Want to find out where you stand in life or gain clarity on life questions? Banya will go into cellular levels of your cell memories, reading where you need help and develop further. During the session, you may discuss anything or about anyone who may be part of your life. You can ask her questions about your past, current issues, doubts, relationships, work, future, and more. You will come to learn about you from a different view and discover hope for your brighter future and gain wisdom and clarity.

    Couples Reading

    Price : $100 (30 Min) / $200 (1 Hr)

    Couple reading is a spiritual intuitive reading for a couple. This reading is the same reading as the ‘Spiritual Intuitive Reading’ described above, but focused more on how it will affect both of you as a couple. Find out how you and your partner can have spiritual growth together to better the relationship.

    Past Life Reading/Regression

    Price : $200 (1 Hr)

    Past life reading will give you many answers and understanding about your current life, past, and even your future direction. Why is it significant to know of your past lives? Time is one of the strongest preconceptions that we live with. We use time to distinguish and differentiate yesterday, today, and tomorrow. However, in spiritual realm, time is not linear. Having the awakening that time is not linear can provide you strength within to overcome your present issue and move forward towards your goal. Through Past Life Reading, you will gain wisdom to push through your current challenges with deeper insights. And most importantly, you will come to know yourself at a more fundamental level which will let you look at your life with more hope.

    Spiritual Guidance

    Price : $200 (1 Hr)

    After discovering where you stand in your life so far, the next step is to find out how and exactly what you can do to change and improve your everyday. Banya’s spiritual guidance will give you wisdom to make your life that way you want.

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